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A paper cup is a disposable made out of paper and after lined with plastic or wax prevent liquid from leakage out or soaking by paper. Paper cups are made from renewable resources. The cups should be made from food grade paper which is hygienic in nature. It is capable of  olding both hot & cold liquid for a longer time. The uses of paper cups have the wide range. Give the rapid changes in lifestyle; it is the right time to enter the consumer segment to popularize the home consumption of paper cups.There are several inherent advantages in using Paper Cups as compared to cups of other materials. These Paper Cups are gaining popularity all across the globe as a beautiful and stylish way of minimizing exposure to foodborne infections. Paper Cups have numerous advantages like; they are manufactured in a very simple process using Food Grade Raw Materials with least waste and are easiest to recycle. They are ideal for individual servings at all kinds of parties, functions, picnic occasions, marriages, chat, tea & food joints, etc. Non-toxic in nature, the shapes and surface designs on these paper cups are attractive and present an inviting look. These paper cups can also be custom printed with an outlet’s logo, brand punch line or advertising


These paper cups are being used for drinking Tea and Cool Drinks. The paper cup finds extensive use in Railways, Functions, Festivals, Hotels, Meetings, household appliances, and domestic applications. Our product ranges from 50 ml to 250 ml, this cup manufacturing unit will be set-up as a small-scale unit. Now our people and government have the awareness to control the pollution and all are
engaged to use the eco-friendly products. Each plastic cup can take 50-80 years to decompose and that is ruining the nature as well human lifetime. As there is a good production of instead of plastic cups, weightless as well as easy to carry all vendors, mainly no environment pollution, increase the demand of paper cups, user customer is to be encouraged in the modern days.


A wide range of paper cups is now produced and marketed in India. The paper cups are reckoned to be a high potential business for India. Manufacturing Paper Cups is the purpose of satisfying needs and wants of Consumers in the marketplace. Developing a strategy for delivering an effective combination of food grade quality and cost-effective features for consumers within the target market is done.
The prospects of paper cups depend on the value of customers who utilize it. But in our country paper cups are used by all the people as it is easy to use, hygienic and eco-friendly. Hence, per capita consumption has increased and the demand for it is recognized. While the demand for paper cups has shown a good growth, the company will be successful in strategizing its market operations. As paper cups are a product of daily consumption and necessity, their marketing will not be a problem as the consumers are aware of the advantages of using paper cups. The raw materials are indigenously available and the manufacturing process is also simple.

Paper Cup find the potential market in  Industrial Canteens, Restaurants, Fast Foods, Catering People, Tea Shops, Paper  Product Dealers and Super Markets, IT companies, Educational Institutions Canteens.

” Now Paper-Cup is also used in advertising brand, So big MNC also use it for promotion”


1. Printed PE Paper
2. Bottom Reel
3. Packing Material


We have proposed to use the Automatic Paper Cup Forming Machine for our manufacturing process of Paper Cups. The general structure of paper cup forming machine is composed of three stages. They are

1. The first stage: mainly finishes transmission of the paper cup’s sidewall paper, shaping side-wall and transferring them to the second stage after shaped.

2. The second stage: transmission of the cup-bottom paper, shaping cup bottom, joining the shaped side-wall and cup bottom, automatic transmission and is charging of the shaped cup, and curling the shaped cup’s edge.

3. The third stage: mainly includes 45-degree angle separating, preheating, curling bottom, curling rim and so on mechanisms, which are the important parts of finishing a paper-Cup.


1 Paper Cups making Machine
2 Molds dies.


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