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Komori L 628

Age: 2001 | Type: Straight | Size: 72 x 52 cm (28 x 20 inch) |

Komori L 628
Product Id: 1412
Age: 2001
Size: 72 x 52 cm (28 x 20 inch)
Current Status: Available Abroad
Impression Count: 121
Color: 6
Speed: 15000
Type: Straight
Product Description

2001 Komori L628-LX Approx. 121 million impressions Inline tower coater - Roller type extended delivery IR Dryer package Chrome Cylinders SAPC plate changing system with bender Komorimatic dampening system PQC console with plate cocking Blanket washers and Ink Roller Cleaner Continuous feed and Delivery X-rite Scanning closed loop system Royse Recirc & Refrig system Coating recirculator Stock thickness. 04 -08mm Press is good running condition

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