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Mitsubishi 1 F 6 Lx

Age: 1998 | Type: Straight | Size: 72 x 52 cm (28 x 20 inch) |



Mitsubishi 1 F 6 Lx
Product Id: 1624
Age: 1998
Size: 72 x 52 cm (28 x 20 inch)
Current Status: Available in stock
Impression Count: 101
Color: 6
Speed: 15000
Type: Straight
Product Description

1998 Mitsubishi 1F-6-CX 6 Color with Coater and Extended Delivery 52cm X 72cm (20 X 28 Inches) Control Console with Memory and Plate Cocking Quick Change Plate Clamps Automatic Plate Cylinder Positioning Continuous Alcohol Dampening Paper Presets from Console Tower Coater Two Roller Type Short Waver IR Dryer Royce Refrigeration and Recirculation Oxy Dry Powder Spray Sheet Decurler Water Cooled Ink Vibrator Rollers Tri-Services Single Zone Ink Roller Chiller Auto Blanket Washers Chrome cylinders Continuous Feed and Delivery

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