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Komori LS 426 2007

Age: 2007 | Type: Straight | Size: 66 x 48 cm (26 x 19 inch) |

Komori LS 426 2007
Product Id: 631
Age: 2007
Size: 66 x 48 cm (26 x 19 inch)
Current Status: Available in stock
Impression Count: 35
Color: 4
Speed: 15000
Type: Straight
Product Description

KOMORI LITHRONE LS426 `07 FullAPC, AMR, chrome cylinder, 4c 26inch Year 2007 FullAPC, PQC, Matic AMR (paper size preset) Chromed Impression Cylinder Auto Blanket Cleaner, Auto Roller Cleaner, Auto Impression Cleaner Ink roller cooling 480x660mm 4color 0.03-0.3mm UNCONFIRM

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